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We want to make sure every tutoring assignment achieves their objective which is why we ask all our clients to give us feedback throughout their tutoring programme. These are just some of the responses we have received in recent months…


Alex E


Our tutor was amazing! She helped my daughter gain an excellent GCSE maths result. She was patient and able to explain the subject so that it is understandable and relatable. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! We will always be grateful to her.

Lizzie D


This platform has been invaluable to our family. My daughter is dyslexic and didn’t pass her maths first time round, but with a handful of lessons she was awarded her grade 4 in 2020. My teenage son now has lessons and can’t deny he enjoys them, and said (with no prompting) that it’s made a massive difference to him especially after the first lockdown meant he missed so much year 9 teaching. The ability to have lessons from the comfort of our own home, 100% Covid safe, is brilliant. I don’t even need to be with him when his lesson is due. It’s one less thing for a parent to lose sleep about in these difficult times for our young people.

Kenny M


We are really happy that we have discovered Chalkboard Tuition. Our son has dyspraxia, and our tutor has tailored a learning strategy, that has improved and built his confidence in Maths. 
Our youngest son is loving his KS2 tutoring. His tutor is very patient, and makes the lessons fun, while he is learning. My son is hard to engage, but she is able to do this for his hour lesson. Both of my boys are enjoying and benefitting from their 1 to 1 tuition. We would highly recommend Chalkboard Tuition.

Marta B


Debra brilliant at allowing her students to grow in confidence and competence. She taught my daughter during her Y11 and was wonderful. My daughter went from loathing Maths to really enjoying it and feeling a real sense of pride in her own abilities. Thank you.

Gary H


My son came on leaps and bounds, with the help of Chalkboard Tuition. He grew massively in confidence and self belief. Our tutor's teaching style can match any learner, as she is so versatile and differentiates the work perfectly to suit. Her patience and calm manner worked well with my son who has ASD. He passed his GCSE maths with flying colours. I would highly recommend Chalkboard Tuition. I will definitely be calling on their service again, for my youngest son.

Helen & Rob S


If you are on the lookout for a tutor, we unreservedly recommend Chalkboard Tuition. Debra has been able to engage, support and inspire our young people. She initially worked with our son, who went onto achieve a Level 8 in his Mathematics GCSE. Debra now works with our daughters and they both look forward to their sessions on Friday! - which for teenagers at the end of a school week really says something!

Recently with school closures these sessions have taken place online through Chalkboard Tuition. The lessons have continued to be a hit. Most importantly Debra has helped our three to feel more confident in themselves as learners, which impacts on everything that they do.

First class tuition from very experienced, highly-qualified and empathetic professionals. Noticed a difference in my son’s confidence and overall self-esteem after only one session. Test results after three sessions, he moved from top 20 in class to top 5. Highly recommended

Kelly M

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