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Welcome to our online classroom

Chalkboard started out as a face-to-face venture but quickly adapted to our 'new normal'.

Not convinced that on-line tuition could ever replace the experience of sitting next to a student, we set out to prove ourselves wrong.....and we are confident we have!

We boiled it down to two key ingredients: the quality of the teaching and the quality of the technology.

First, we only use fully-qualified teachers with expert knowledge in their chosen subject.

Second, we found the technology that would allow our teachers and students to talk, sketch and share resources in real-time, across devices, with no delay between tutor and student, so it really feels like you're in the same room. Mission accomplished!

Chalkboard now helps students of all abilities and backgrounds to achieve their educational goals.

We work with students on a one to one basis and with local schools to support intervention.

Quiet Desk
Quiet Desk

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an online learning environment to help students improve both grades and confidence.

Our Vision

Bring high quality, accessible, on-line educational support to every student.

Online Tutoring
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